Neon dip dye candles

Neon dip dye candles

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Super cool bright neon dip dye candles in a choice of several styles - either a single pillar candle or a pair of smaller pillar candles or a set of 3 taller tapered candles, each presented in gorgeous boxes.

Lovingly handmade by sustainable means with social institutions in the foothills of The Alps in Bavaria. Each candle is unique in design and pattern but all using a similar  range of colours. 100% vegan.


Approximate sizing: 

120 x 60mm - single pillar ‘lollipop lighthouse’ candles. One per box. 

21 x 210 mm - each ‘lollipop tree’ taper/dinner candle in the boxes set of 3. 

100 x 50 mm - each of the smaller pillar candles in a boxed set of 2 i.e. in this size they come as a pair. 

Please refer to The British Candle Makers Federation suggested candle safety instructions.